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Team Power Center

Team Power Center was born not as a store but as a passion, which began back in the 1970s. It all started with a lust for speed and two wheels seemed like the most exciting path. Early in grade school, Todd Ligman started riding bikes ranging from Honda Trails and Rupps to homemade souped-up one-offs. Of course that led to street bikes and he bought his first road bike, a 1966 Triumph chopper, before even having a license. The bike belonged to a good friend's mother and it had been sitting for quite some time. That gave the opportunity to wrench on the bike before it needed to be on the road.

With parts from the local British shops (Dales Cycle, which used to be in Janesville on Lincoln Street and P&G Cycles in South Beloit), he put life back into the chopper. Once road worthy (as much as a chopper can be), it was time to hit the pavement. From there, the passion grew into a part time business repairing British bikes and selling parts for them while working a full time job as a metal fabricator.

Spring forward to the year 1998. The "new" Triumphs were very appealing and peaked the interest of Todd enough to prompt him inquiring about opening a retail store. Kutter Harley-Davidson® was currently carrying the line and negotiations were started between Triumph USA, Rudy Kutter, and Todd. As it turns out, Kutter was looking to shed the line anyway so the timing was perfect. Team Triumph officially opened in 1999 with the help of Al Gaertig from Rock County Coventry, Darcy Ligman (the ever-standing rock of support for Todd), and slew of friends who pitched in to help with the store remodel and setup. Bikers, always there to lend a helping hand! Since that time, we've been a top performing Triumph store which is consistently ranked top 10 in North America for customer service.

So, if you want to know why you should buy from Team Power Center, first and foremost, we are a small REAL motorcycle shop that is completely staffed by enthusiasts. We live and breathe the motorcycle/gear head life. Always have. We are firmly committed to customer service, period. We are the oldest Triumph store in Wisconsin, meaning we are the experts.

Stop in and visit us. We carry Triumph & Royal Enfield motorcycles. Thanks for visiting!

Team Power Center