Why...Motus Motorcycles

Ignite Your Senses

Unleash the power of a Motus.

Motus motorcycles are unlike anything you’ve taken on the road. Known for their speed, sleek design, and pure power, these motorcycles are the epitome of performance. Both the MST and the MSTR feature the torque and horsepower you crave.

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Take A Closer Look Into Our Motus Models:


Ride the motorcycle with record-breaking speed and handcrafted perfection. The Motus MSTR is the world’s fastest production pushrod motorcycle offering unparalleled comfort and stability.



The Motus MST is a high-performance sport-touring motorcycle made to carve canyons, mile after mile. Their powerful American V4 engine, gives you 165 horsepower and 123 lb. of torque.


What Sets Motus Apart?

When Motus began designing the ultimate American sport-touring motorcycle, they realized the ideal engine didn’t exist. With that revelation, they built the mighty American V4 “Baby Block” – a pushrod powered V4 that delivers unbeatable torque and an exhaust note unlike anything before it. The Motus V4 uses technology proven to be both durable and easy to maintain. Choose the name that reinvented power. Choose Motus.

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