Winter Storage
Team Power Center
4747 E US 14
Janesville, WI

Service Description

Winter Storage

We know what it takes to store your bike right and have it ready for you in the spring.  We keep your battery maintained, treat the fuel system, inspect the bike and advise you of any service needs.  Storage is from October 1st to April 30.  Storage fees are $45.00 per month, 3 months minimum with $90.00 due at drop off.  Extra large bikes with panniers such as Rockets, Thunderbirds and Trophies are $60.00 per month and $120.00 due at drop off.

Storage fees increase to $75 per month after May 1st unless special arrangements are made with the Service Department.

What's Included

  • Charging and load-testing your battery
  • Battery-Tender battery lead free of charge if lead is not present
  • Stabilizing the fuel system
  • Safety inspection
  • Quick spring checkover
  • Quick cleaning after coming out of storage.

We need a minimum of 5 business days notice when you intend to pick up your bike in the spring.

FREE Pick Up

Free pick up with $500.00 in labor, available November 1st through February 28th, up to 50 miles each way, if you are over 50 miles add $1.25 per mile each way.  Pick up without labor is $95.00, up to 50 miles each way.  Storage fees do not count as labor.  In/Out privileges are not allowed. Owner will be contacted to schedule a return delivery date as soon as service has been completed.

Detailing Services

$55.00 Basic wash...that's it.
$110.00 Basic Detailing includes wash and wax, hand detailing for 1 hour.
$165.00 Deluxe Detailing includes wash and wax, tire & wheel cleaning, hand detailing for 1.5 hours.

Give our service department a call at 608-741-9900 with any questions regarding our storage.